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The wait is over #SomethingElseishere - thanks to @elsenutrition families now have an organic, non-GMO, dairy and soy-free formula option for our little ones (12-36m).

Else Complete Nutrition not only contains zero dairy and soy, it is also free of gluten, hormones, corn syrups and antibiotics. 

A plant-based formula made up of 3 main ingredients that are 92% plant-based & real whole foods in their natural form. 

A clean label formula created with nutrition in mind for parents seeking an alternative to dairy. All of the stuff our children need and none of the stuff they don’t. 

Endorsed by leading pediatricians, nutritionist and globally patented. 

Else Nutrition Complete drink is a great choice for toddlers with lactose intolerance, sensitivities and other dietary restrictions. Perfect for #plantbasedbabies or families searching for an alternative to dairy and soy. #elsepartner

Make sure to use Promo Code : MORGAN25 when you check out!!

Two words we hear nonstop during pregnancy-DUE DATE!

Simply put-due dates are a guess! Your baby is going to arrive when they choose. The anticipation in those final weeks can be full of so many emotions.

If you are preparing for a belly birth - timing is set and you do in fact know.

Now what?

Let’s get prepared 🥰

Myself and @loveofalittleone are sharing ways to best prepare for birth

• Create your idle birth + focus your energy on that with your partner, but surrender to the fact that birth is the unknown. The thing I found most important was ultimately, no matter how much I wanted the birth I did, I knew there was no way to guarantee it would happen. I focused what I wanted & would say, I surrender to the unknown + accept that baby will enter the world the way they are meant to. It does not mean I failed or my body failed. It just meant the universe had a different plan + that was ok. Giving myself that power of acceptance, I felt would have allowed my postpartum healing to have gone smoother, had it not gone as I anticipated. -

• Listen to guided birth meditations or whatever words of empowerment you need to focus for the birth you desire. -

• Talk to your baby & have your partner. There is substantial research babies begin to hear around the 18th week in utero. -

• Get this! Research, although limited shows that baby begins to create memories around 30weeks utero. Incredible! I used to tell Kenzo every day, especially towards the end - I TRUST YOU. I hope you trust mama to do this dance with you. I can’t wait to hug you, smell you, kiss you. I truly feel this made a difference.

• Be kind to yourself. Birth can be scary. It is normal to have fears. I found when these crept in, I allowed myself to feel them, release them + replace it with a positive thought & visualization. -


•Talk in depth to whomever is going to be at your birth + what role you would like them to play. -

• Birth will push you to limits you didn’t know you had. No matter which way your baby chooses to come - YOU WILL DO IT!! I am proud to be partnering with @providencecalifornia #mamayouvegotthis #limitedintervention #shareddecisionmaking #providencecalifornia

Here you are - now that you’ve met with a few providers & narrowed it down to one(s) you felt

aligned with your pregnancy questions, it’s time to ask L&D questions. I cannot stress enough, providers work for YOU!

Myself & @loveofalittleone are sharing our Top 44 Birth Questions.

Today @loveofalittleone will share Top 11 - make sure to follow along as we post more next Weds. Nov. 20th.

👇🏼 are ❓we feel are most important when finding a provider who aligns with all of your questions/concerns etc...




- ¤ Do you ask for consent before performing any procedures on myself or baby?


¤ Do you support delayed cord clamping?


¤ Do you respect my choice for NO vaginal exams during labor unless 100% medically necessary and discussed before?


¤ Do you have immediate IBCLC/lactation support for after birth?


¤ What are your maternal and infant mortality rates for WOC & their babies?


¤ Do you practice evidence based care as a Dr. caring for the needs of BIRTHING PERSON + BABY & not yourself out of convenience. -


¤ Are you familiar with the rates in which black women + babies die at a 343%(3-4x) higher rate than white women, why & what initiatives does your hospital take to change that? How do you feel about the disparities in health care for Black women & babies? -


¤ Does the hospital Strive to Achieve the WHO/UNICEF Ten Steps of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative to Promote Successful




¤ Do you support VBAC & what are your VBAC rates?


¤ Do you practice “rooming-in” meaning allow birthing person & baby to be together 24hrs a day?


¤ Do you practice the same standard of care for ALL birthing people - LGBTQ, POC and all marginalized communities?

If the care provider(s) you felt connected with after asking your pregnancy questions are unable to answer all of the L&D ❓you chose to ask without a clear & concise response, its ok to walk away. You will when you find the right one.

@providencecalifornia is on a mission to EMPOWER and EDUCATE pregnant people and I’m proud to #partner with them to make POSITIVE CHANGE! #limitedintervention #shareddecisionmaking #yourbabyyourway #ProvidenceCalifornia #mamayouvegotthis

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