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Birth Preparation

Two words we hear nonstop during pregnancy-DUE DATE!

Simply put-due dates are a guess! Your baby is going to arrive when they choose. The anticipation in those final weeks can be full of so many emotions.

If you are preparing for a belly birth - timing is set and you do in fact know.

Now what?

Let’s get prepared 🥰

Myself and @loveofalittleone are sharing ways to best prepare for birth

• Create your idle birth + focus your energy on that with your partner, but surrender to the fact that birth is the unknown. The thing I found most important was ultimately, no matter how much I wanted the birth I did, I knew there was no way to guarantee it would happen. I focused what I wanted & would say, I surrender to the unknown + accept that baby will enter the world the way they are meant to. It does not mean I failed or my body failed. It just meant the universe had a different plan + that was ok. Giving myself that power of acceptance, I felt would have allowed my postpartum healing to have gone smoother, had it not gone as I anticipated. -

• Listen to guided birth meditations or whatever words of empowerment you need to focus for the birth you desire. -

• Talk to your baby & have your partner. There is substantial research babies begin to hear around the 18th week in utero. -

• Get this! Research, although limited shows that baby begins to create memories around 30weeks utero. Incredible! I used to tell Kenzo every day, especially towards the end - I TRUST YOU. I hope you trust mama to do this dance with you. I can’t wait to hug you, smell you, kiss you. I truly feel this made a difference.

• Be kind to yourself. Birth can be scary. It is normal to have fears. I found when these crept in, I allowed myself to feel them, release them + replace it with a positive thought & visualization. -


•Talk in depth to whomever is going to be at your birth + what role you would like them to play. -

• Birth will push you to limits you didn’t know you had. No matter which way your baby chooses to come - YOU WILL DO IT!! I am proud to be partnering with @providencecalifornia #mamayouvegotthis #limitedintervention #shareddecisionmaking #providencecalifornia


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