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I promise...

❤︎ I promise to never dull your curiosity because of my own fears. I promise to let you explore all

boundaries even if it pushes mine. I promise to do my best even on days when it doesn’t feel like I can give you my best. I promise to let you express yourself at every stage, even if that means learning a deeper sense of patience for myself. I promise to not let my scars effect your current and future self. I promise to let you feel your emotions + process them. I promise to listen when you need to talk. I promise to give you space. I promise to give you advice if that’s what you ask for. I promise to help when you need it and stand back when it’s a lesson you need to learn on your own. I promise to say sorry if I’m wrong. I promise to let you soar to boundaries beyond the imagination. I promise to do my best to teach you compassion • kindness • love + respect. I promise to help guide you into learning and understanding responsibility for yourself and your actions. I promise to provide for you. I promise to do my best to help you grow into a person who gives to others • understands his privilege and uses that to speak out + standup for injustices to others + this planet. I promise to always unconditionally love you. I promise to lead with love, no matter what difficulties we will go through. I promise to always be there ❤︎

Kenzo + Mama 10.18.19


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