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Empowered Home Birth

What if you felt empowered enough for a home birth? Would you do it? Have you thought about it, but fears and others scare tactics fill your mind with doubt? Home birth isn’t for everyone and that’s okay...but so many birth choices are done out of fear, rather than education & empowerment. I am a huge home birth advocate. I had a home birth, I have seen my friends/clients have VBAC/HBACS(vaginal/homebirth after cesarean) I have witnessed them find their power, be educated on their options and dig deep for the birth they desired & be fully supported by their birth team. Not because others put doubt in their minds or doctors scared them into a hospital birth.

Birth, in most cases, is not a medical procedure, it’s a physiological process of birthing person meeting their baby earth side.

Recent peer reviewed study of nearly 17,000 pregnant people shows that homebirth with a midwife for low risk pregnant people is safer in America than hospital birth. Fewer interventions and better birth outcomes. Only 5.2% cesarean rate, compared to 31% for US hospital births.

From 2004-2010 home births rose 41%. .



Among 16,924 women who planned home births at the onset of labor, 89.1% gave birth at home. The majority of intrapartum transfers were for failure to progress, and only 4.5% of the total sample required oxytocin augmentation and/or epidural analgesia.



Nearly 1100 women attempted a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in this sample, with a total VBAC success rate of 87%. These statistics are huge and important. .


We need to have these discussion in order to educate and empower people to make the choices THEY WANT, not because they are scared into making a choice by friends, family or doctors.


This is 2hrs 9m before Kenzo was born.

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