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Nourished Postpartum Challenge Day 2

DAY 2 + FOOD +


📷: @christianmarc 3 days after birth bringing me lunch in bed


🔹Postpartum Food is a source of physical & mental healing...Coming from a vegan Mother who eats plant based and virtually zero processed foods, food for me during Postpartum was full of nutrient dense whole plant foods. I still remember our first meal after my birth. My mom made the most amazing salad full of so much goodness. She fed everyone, not just me...but hubby @christianmarc + my midwife @losangelesmidwife & Joanna our 2nd midwife. (Sara, pretty sure you remember that salad)

🔹It was really important that I eat healthy, clean plant based foods during this time. I feel extremely fortunate to have a mother who was there for me(us) during this time and every day made sure I was eating breakfast/lunch/dinner with all the vitamins & protein I needed. If she wasn’t cooking, then my hubby was making something delicious or we would indulge in the food that people had delivered to us. I haven’t eaten meat since 2008 and I cut out fish 2 years ago...that being said, I know where and how to get all the nutrients I need to maintain a healthy mind and body.

🔹Postpartum staples for me included:

🔹A LOT of Salads (spinach/Kale/arugula) packed with nuts and lots of veggies. .

🔹Soups - lentils, all different veggie soups

🔹Occasionally cous cous or pasta

🔹Smoothies packed with things like spirulina/maca & other super foods. Vegan yogurt with fruit and granola

🔹I’ve never been a breakfast smoothies were good for me, but on days I didn’t want that at all...I would have potatoes & vegan sausage. .

🔹Overall, postpartum foods were a source of love, physical and mental healing. I truly believe you are what you eat and clean eating is a cure for so many ailments. Everything was made with love and nearly all came straight from the ground...Mother Earth 🌏 



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