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Nourished Postpartum Challenge

Kenzo Matisse 1 hour old

🔹Nourished Postpartum Challenge

————————————————— DAY 1 : Physical Healing...for me it looked like and meant resting for as long as possible focusing solely on nourishing my bébé & myself. Here I am breastfeeding Kenzo and snuggled with hubby while laying in bed a few hours after Kenzo was born. 🔹Thanks to my phenomenal midwife @losangelesmidwife - her care for me during pregnancy, birth & postpartum she made it very clear how important healing was in those first 6 weeks PP. I stayed upstairs in our bedroom for 2 weeks after Kenzo arrived & did minimal walking/moving around for 5-6 weeks. It wasn’t until after having Kenzo that I truly realized how much time the body needs to heal, even for a birth with no complications or issues. In that two weeks, I was fortunate enough to have my husband & mother here to do everything for me, so that I could allow my body to heal and focus on healing & our Kenzo. The only time I got up out of bed was to shower, go the bathroom & one doctor visit to get signed papers for our homebirth. I think I only walked downstairs 3 times in two weeks. . 🔹I would text my midwife asking if I could do something and she would suggest that I did not do whatever it was I was asking. Which I usually knew, but I guess I needed the reassurance. . 🔹As a PP Doula I have always done my best to encourage my clients to rest as much as possible in those first 6 weeks & help educate them as to why it’s so important. After having my own, it helped me gain an even better understanding of how important it is to help my clients get this time of physical healing and truly encourage them to rest as much as possible. . 🔹As a society we need to do better, be better and create paid maternity leave for all new mothers. We need better access to healthcare for new mothers and families during this critical time. #nourishedpostpartumchallenge #showupforpostpartum #postpartumawareness ————————————————————————

  • birdsongbrooklynDeep healing and rest- so wise! Thank you for showing up for yourself in postpartum and for this conversation! And thank you @losangelesmidwife for your impeccable care for new parents!


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